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Permanent teeth don’t always emerge in the proper alignment. Despite this being a common problem, having properly aligned teeth is vital for overall dental and physical health. Orthodontic treatment may be necessary to correct this issue in kids, teenagers and adults. Fortunately, you and your children will receive quality care from our highly skilled orthodontist in Manassas. Learn more during a consultation at our dental office.

What’s the Definition of Orthodontics?

Orthodontic dentistry is a specialty that involves treating irregular or misalignment issues of the teeth and jaws. Dentists who specialize in this branch of dentistry are called orthodontists. Although similar to dentists, orthodontists undergo extra education and training.

Unlike a dentist, an orthodontist focuses on correcting bites and straightening teeth. In fact, it’s the reason why dentists refer people who need teeth or jaw realignment to orthodontists. Their most common treatment is braces. You can learn more about our other orthodontic treatments during your visit.


Why Do Some People Wear Orthodontic Devices?

You may have heard a number of different terms used for braces. A few examples are orthodontic devices, aligners, appliances and brackets. Regardless of the terms that orthodontists use to describe braces, this corrective treatment addresses a variety of problems:

  • Gaps between teeth
  • Crowded teeth
  • Open bite, buck teeth and crossbite issues
  • Underbite and overbite problems
  • An uneven bite from jaw misalignment

Fixing these flaws will enhance not only how you look, but also how you chew and speak. On the other hand, you could develop gum disease, earaches, tooth decay, headaches and difficulty chewing and talking if you don’t seek treatment.

What Types of Braces Are There?

You have several orthodontic appliance options to correct teeth and jaw misalignment. However, fixed brackets and removable aligners are the main ones. Talk to one of our orthodontists about other types.

Fixed brackets are traditional appliances that use brackets attached to the outside or inside surfaces of the teeth. They can be stainless steel or clear ceramic. Keep in mind, though, that modern technology has made it possible for metal brackets to be made smaller and less noticeable. In addition, fixed braces have bands made of stainless steel or titanium. These bands connect the brackets to a flexible wire, which is how orthodontists control moving patients’ teeth into alignment.

With removable aligners, you wear a set of invisible mouthguard-like devices for two or three weeks. You take them out when you eat and sleep. Then, a new set is created for you to further adjust the alignment of your teeth. This process repeats until your teeth are in the right place. Because of how it works, invisible aligners are ideal if you need only a minor adjustment. However, they can also be useful for maintaining the results of orthodontic treatment.

Should Parents Know Anything Specific Regarding Kids’ Appliances?

Parents should understand the processes for preparing and caring for orthodontic appliances for children. First off, getting orthodontic treatment at 8 to 14 years old is very common and makes the process easier. The reason is that it’s less difficult to make teeth move when the facial bones are still in development.

Preparing for orthodontics involves a full oral exam of the mouth. Our team will take X-rays to determine the teeth and bite positions. Next, we’ll create plaster molds so that our orthodontists can make more accurate treatment recommendations. If the teeth are crowded, we might recommend removing one or more of them to make room for the rest.

Then, our orthodontists will work with you to customize your child’s treatment plan. Most kids wear orthodontic appliances for one or two years. You’ll return to our office several times during this period so that our orthodontists can tighten the wires to gradually move the teeth, which may cause slight but temporary discomfort.

Also, you should reduce how many starchy and sugary foods that your kid eats during the treatment to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. You’ll need to cut hard foods, such as apples, into small pieces to avoid damaging the orthodontic devices. Furthermore, you’ll need to work with your child to ensure that he or she brushes carefully and rinses thoroughly to remove food particles and bacteria. Regular teeth cleanings are important for the same reasons.

Are Adult Braces Available?

The above types of braces and others are available for adults too. In general, the treatment follows the same preparation and requires the same care. The difference, though, is that adults usually have to wear the devices longer because their facial bones are already set. Talk to our orthodontists today about getting braces in Manassas.

How Much Will the Braces Cost?

How much orthodontic treatment costs depends on the materials and type of appliances that you choose. Also, it’s important for you to find out what’s covered under your insurance policy or discount plan. Only certain appliances and materials may be covered. Our knowledgeable orthodontist can give you an estimate after creating a treatment plan. In any case, getting braces in Manassas is a good investment in your oral health.

Where Do People Go to Get Orthodontic Devices?

If you’ve been asking, “Where is an orthodontist near me?”, our office is the answer. We provide exceptional orthodontic treatment for both children and adults. Schedule a consultation today with our highly trained orthodontist in Manassas.

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