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Do you need a cavity treated? Our dentists fill cavities, place crowns and bridges, and much more when it comes to restorative dentistry. We can get you your dental health in tip-top shape with our high-quality restorations, so call us today. Our skilled dentists would be delighted to help you get your teeth back to their original healthy state.

What Does a Tooth Filling Do?

A dentist will use a tooth filling when you have a cavity caused by decay eating a hole in the enamel of your tooth. The filling restores the tooth’s strength and prevents bacteria-causing decay from becoming trapped in the hole and causing more damage.

What Are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

Crowns, also called dental caps, are tooth-shaped restorations which fit over an existing tooth. Dentists use a tooth crown to strengthen weakened teeth, hide severely discolored teeth, or to hold a broken tooth together. A bridge replaces a missing tooth with an artificial one anchored by the two teeth on either side of the gap. Both are fixed restorations cemented on by your dentist.

Which Type of Dentist Offers Dental Fillings, Crowns and Dental Bridges?

Your neighborhood dentist is the person to see for a filling, crown or bridge. If you have a tooth you need to have repaired, hidden or replaced, please call our dental practice to make an appointment.

What Does a Filling, Crown or Dental Bridge Cost?

Your tooth filling cost, along with your bridge and dental crown cost, depends on the materials you select for your restoration and its placement. If you have dental insurance, check your coverage for an explanation of your out-of-pocket expenses. During your appointment, we will explain your treatment options and the costs associated with each one.

What Are the Different Types of Fillings for Teeth?

Silver-colored amalgam and white composite fillings are popular choices. Both are direct fillings your dentist can place in one visit. Metal fillings are long-lasting; they can last up to 15 years. Composite fillings are not as long-lasting; however, they don’t stand out. Gold and porcelain fillings are indirect fillings made by a technician in a dental lab. It will take two visits to have these fillings completed. If you have a cavity, please call us to schedule an appointment.

What Are the Various Crowns for Teeth Options?

There are all-porcelain crowns which are perfect for front teeth as they most closely resemble a natural tooth. Porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns are perfect for front and back teeth as they are stronger than all-porcelain crowns, so they can withstand a molar’s chewing force. You could also opt for a gold alloy crown for a molar as they are strong and long-lasting.

What Are the Different Types of Bridges Available?

The most common type of tooth bridge is the traditional bridge with one or two artificial teeth and a crown on each. The crowns go over the teeth on either side of the space to stabilize the bridge. Your dentist can talk to you about a cantilever bridge if you only have one healthy tooth to hold the bridge. Cantilever bridges are suitable for front teeth only. An implant-supported bridge is another option which does not need support from adjoining teeth. If you’re interested in a bridge to replace a missing tooth, please call us to schedule an appointment. Our dentist can help you discover the type of bridge that is best for you.

What Is the Tooth Crown Procedure?

Having a crown put on takes two appointments. During the first appointment, your dentist will give you a local anesthetic and then shape your tooth to hold the crown. He or she will also take an impression of your tooth and the surrounding teeth so the dental lab can fabricate a crown which blends in with your natural teeth. Your dentist will send you home with a temporary crown over the tooth to protect it. On your second visit, your dentist will have your custom-made crown. He or she will remove the temporary crown and place the new one on to make sure it fits before cementing it in place.

What Is the Tooth Bridge Procedure?

Having a bridge put on also takes two appointments. The first appointment consists of preparing the teeth which will anchor the bridge and taking an impression of the area for the dental lab. Your dentist will give you a local anesthetic and then remove a small bit of the enamel of the adjoining teeth which will have the crowns over them. You’ll go home with a temporary bridge to protect the teeth and close the gap in your smile. When the dental lab finishes your custom bridge, you’ll return for your next appointment. Your dentist will take off the temporary bridge and cement your new bridge after ensuring it fits properly.

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