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A tooth extraction is a relatively common dental treatment, but this does not make it any less anxiety-inducing. We understand this and try to make all of our patients feel at ease. Our dentists can loosen teeth and pull them out quickly with dental forceps; it surprises most patients when a tooth is removed so quickly. You’ll be numb, so all you may feel is pressure from the dentist rocking your tooth back and forth.

What Sort of Tooth Extraction Cost Should I Plan For?

Check your dental insurance plan if you have coverage, as this will help determine your fee. Most plans at least partially cover extractions. For an accurate estimate, our dentist will have to decide if the tooth requires a simple or surgical extraction to remove it and how difficult it will be to remove the tooth.

Should I See a Dentist or Oral Surgeon for an Extraction?

Please call our office and schedule an appointment. Our dentist will see if the tooth can be pulled or whether you need to see an oral surgeon for a surgical extraction. Patients with impacted teeth that are broken off or trapped below the gum usually need surgical extractions.

When Is Getting a Tooth Pulled Inevitable?

Our dentists consider a tooth extraction to be the last resort if you have a severe dental problem. There are times, such as before getting braces, when an extraction is the part of the solution to relieving an issue such as overcrowding.

Will a Dentist Extract My Seriously Cracked or Decayed Tooth to Relieve My Pain?

Fractured or severely decayed teeth are serious dental issues. You can have a crack or break from trauma or it can be decay-induced. Depending on the severity of the problem, our dentist may suggest a way to preserve the tooth or recommend a tooth extraction.

Can I Have One of My Child’s Baby Teeth Pulled?

Baby teeth have permanent teeth underneath them, so if the baby tooth doesn’t fall out at the right time, it could keep the adult tooth from growing in straight. Our dentist may also pull a baby tooth that has severe decay or infection. If you have any concerns, please bring your child in for an exam so our dentist can see if an extraction is the best option. We treat children with a gentle touch, making sure they are comfortable with the procedure, just like we do with our adult patients.

When Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary?

Wisdom teeth come in in the very back of your mouth when you’re a young adult. If they don’t come in straight, they can cause misalignment of the molars in front of them. Additionally, wisdom teeth can become diseased or decayed because it is hard to keep them clean. If you’re experiencing wisdom teeth problems, our dentist can remove them if the teeth have emerged from your gums. When wisdom teeth are still beneath the gum, your dentist will suggest that an oral surgeon remove them.

Can I Have My Tooth Pulled if I Have Periodontitis?

If you have one or more loose teeth from advanced gum disease, it can hurt when you speak or eat. Our dentist can pull the tooth or teeth to relieve your pain.

Can Teeth Extractions Make Alignment from Orthodontic Treatment Easier?

Yes, extractions often make orthodontic treatment easier because your teeth need room to become properly aligned. Our dentists excel at removing teeth without harming their functionality and appearance.

What Are the Instructions for Recovering After Having a Tooth Pulled?

Take pain medicine as prescribed by your dentist; over-the-counter medications are usually enough to deal with any minor discomfort. Your dentist may also recommend ice packs if you have swelling. It’s essential that the blood clot remain in the socket. To ensure that it does, your dentist will explain what you should avoid doing, such as smoking, spitting or using a straw. Continue brushing and flossing, being careful to avoid the extraction site. Expect to eat a diet of soft foods until the site heals, and avoid spicy foods and boiling hot foods. Applesauce, soups, yogurt and cottage cheese are soft, healthy foods that can help you avoid irritating the extraction site.

What Is the Tooth Extraction Healing Timeline?

Resting for a day or two after the extraction is advised. You should be able to return to work or school the next day as long as you don’t engage in any strenuous activity. The site should heal in approximately seven to 10 days. Expect a molar-extraction site to take a few days longer to heal.

To arrange an appointment for a tooth extraction in Manassas, please call us at (571) 535-2365.

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