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Do You Need a New Dentist for a Dental Exam in Manassas?

If you’re new to our community or you don’t have a dentist, we invite you to come in and meet our team. We offer exams and a wide range of treatments and procedures to keep our patient’s oral health in good condition. Our services are performed by experienced dentists and specialists, and other dental professionals. and we hope you’ll find what you need from our experienced dentists. One of the most important services we provide is a dental exam and cleaning.

When you come in for your initial exam, we’ll take your medical and dental history and x-rays. Our dentist will check for:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Bite problems
  • Loose fillings or other damaged restorations
  • Warning signs of oral cancer

If your dentist finds any problems, he or she will recommend one or more treatment options. You can ask questions, including the cost of each treatment, and decide how to proceed. If everything is fine, we will schedule your next exam in six month’s time.

We ask our patients to come in every six months for a dental exam or sometimes sooner, depending on their oral health. Your dentist can catch problems during a dental exam when they are small and less expensive to treat. Periodic exams also help prevent painful dental emergencies. Please call our dental practice to schedule your initial dental exam. We enjoy meeting new patients and welcoming them to our office.

Who Has Experience with Teeth Cleaning and Gum Disease Treatment?

At our dental practice, we have experience with both. The Academy of General Dentistry recommends professional teeth cleanings twice a year to help prevent cavities and gum disease. Even if you brush and floss regularly, you can’t keep plaque and tartar from building up on your teeth in hard-to-reach areas. Our dental hygienist will scrape off any buildup of plaque and tartar with a special tool and then polish your teeth with a special gritty toothpaste. This will remove minor stains, make your teeth look brighter and make your teeth feel smooth so it’s harder for plaque to stick to them. He or she will also professionally floss your teeth. Depending on your risk for developing cavities, your dental hygienist may suggest a fluoride treatment.

Gingivitis is the mildest form of gum disease. It occurs when your gums become irritated by plaque and tartar. Regular professional cleanings can help you avoid gingivitis. If you don’t seek treatment to reverse gingivitis, it can turn into an advanced form of gum disease called periodontal disease which requires periodontal treatment to save your teeth. If you notice your gums look bright red or purple, are inflamed or they are tender to the touch, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Do Dentists Have Effective Bad Breath Remedies?

If you have chronic bad breath, not just bad breath after eating onions, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, millions of people have halitosis or chronic bad breath. If you come in for an appointment, one of our dentists will help you find the cause of your bad breath so you can save the breath mints for after you eat onions or garlic rather than every day. In many cases, bad breath comes from poor oral hygiene. You can have your teeth professionally cleaned and our dentist will suggest products to keep your mouth as clean as possible. Patients often forget to scrape or brush their tongue along with their teeth. Your dentist will also examine your mouth for decay or signs of gum disease, both of which can contribute to bad breath. If you have chronic dry mouth, you won’t have enough saliva to wash away bacteria. Try chewing sugarless gum or your dentist can recommend an over-the-counter saliva substitute. Smoking also makes your mouth dry, which causes bad breath. Please call us today if you would like to eliminate embarrassing bad breath.

Do Dentists Perform Oral Cancer Screenings?

Yes, our dentists screen all patients over the age of 18 as part of their six-month checkup. It does not mean your dentist thinks you may have cancer; it is just a precaution. The dentist is already examining your mouth, so it is easy to look for abnormalities that you wouldn’t notice. Once you have symptoms, the cancer is probably more advanced and harder to treat. Your dentist is just trying to decrease your chances of dying if you have oral cancer. The oral cancer screening only adds three or four minutes to your exam and it’s painless. Even if you don’t have any risk factors, such as smoking, it’s a good idea to get screened. Non-smokers can also develop oral cancer. Please let us know if you’ve noticed sores which don’t heal, red or white patches in your mouth, or you’re having unexplained trouble swallowing.

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