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Despite improvements in dental technology over the years, your natural teeth are still better than any replacement. To ensure that you keep your real teeth, you must practice proper oral hygiene daily. If you don’t, or you avoid regular dental checkups and cleanings, you increase your risk of developing tooth decay, gum disease or infections. At that point, only a dental specialist, called an endodontist, may be able to save your teeth. If you’re in this situation, visit our root canal expert in Fredericksburg for some of the best endodontic therapy in the area.

What Is Endodontic Treatment?

Endodontic therapy is specialized care from an endodontist who’s licensed to practice endodontics. This specialty field of dentistry focuses on diagnosing, treating and preventing tooth pulp infections and diseases. As connective tissue, the pulp contains blood vessels and nerves in a tooth. When it suffers damage from an infection, disease or trauma, endodontic treatment can preserve as much of it as possible. The treatment can also reduce symptoms, stimulate natural repair and healing, and might even save tissue that has permanent damage.

In fact, tooth pulp contamination is the leading cause of root canal infections. Treating root canals involves a nonsurgical operation to remove infected or damaged tissue. Then, a dentist reshapes the canals and cleans the tooth before using resin to fill the remaining gaps. The resin prevents the damage from spreading and allows healing to begin. Specialized therapy from a root canal specialist in Fredericksburg could be necessary if a simple root canal doesn’t work or other problems occur.

What’s Different Between Endodontists and Dentists?

All endodontists can be referred to as dentists, but not all dentists can be called endodontists. It works the same as in the medical field, where doctors can choose to focus on a particular specialty. Dentists who want to practice endodontics have to undergo additional education and training and pass a board exam in order to be licensed as an endodontist.

However, general dentists can still provide endodontic therapies, although they don’t have the same level of expertise as endodontists. Generally, they might only do a couple of root canals each week versus  endodontists, who typically perform more than a couple of dozen root canals in that same time period. Most of the time, they provide general dental services and refer patients to an experienced endodontist in Fredericksburg for specialized care.

Endodontists are also different from dentists because of the equipment and materials that they use. For instance, the use of 3D imaging and digital radiographs enhances their ability to identify problems and plan therapies. They use a dam or latex sheet to isolate the infected or diseased tooth and shield your other teeth. During procedures, they use microscopes to help them minimize how much tooth structure and pulp are removed.

Additionally, endodontists have expert skills when it comes to providing comfort during treatment. They have no problem keeping your gums numb and making sure that you’re pain-free. They’re experts at saving teeth that general dentists would typically pull out. Visit Dental One Associates of Fredericksburg for the highest quality care.

What Do Endodontists Do?

The most common service that endodontists provide is a root canal. However, this procedure isn’t always a success. Complex cases can be difficult to treat, especially if a tooth has hidden canals. If another infection develops as a result, endodontists perform re-treatment to address the problem.

This re-treatment involves removing the existing resin filling so that the new infection can be treated. Then, endodontists perform a second root canal, cleaning and reshaping the canals. A temporary filling will be inserted, and you’ll get a crown after the tooth heals.

When re-treatment isn’t enough to completely remove the infection, endodontists perform surgery. This way, they can find hidden fractures and canals. They may even use surgery to treat damaged tooth roots and structures. However, sometimes even the best endodontist in Fredericksburg can’t save a tooth. In such cases, the tooth will need to be extracted.

Our experienced endodontist can identify and address your tooth pain. We’ll schedule follow-up appointments as well to ensure that you heal properly. Call us for more information.

What Should I Expect While Visiting an Endodontist?

Whether you made your appointment on your own or with a referral, we want to make you feel welcome. Making endodontics in Fredericksburg comfortable is a priority for our caring team.

Upon arriving for your first appointment, you’ll fill out paperwork listing your symptoms, medical history and medications. During the exam, the dentist might take new X-rays in order to provide an accurate diagnosis and create an effective treatment plan. Depending on your condition, it might be possible to do your procedure in the same visit. Otherwise, you can schedule it for a convenient time. Our endodontist may prescribe medication to decrease your symptoms in the meantime.

Schedule an Endodontic Consultation at Dental One Associates of Fredericksburg

If you notice any signs of tooth problems, don’t wait to get treatment. The longer that you delay, the greater the possibility that you could lose your tooth. Call (540) 765-4655 now to see our highly skilled endodontist in Fredericksburg.

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