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Our dentists always try to save a patient’s tooth when it’s diseased or damaged. Unfortunately, they can’t save every tooth with treatment. If you need a tooth taken out, don’t worry. Getting a tooth pulled is a very quick procedure that doesn’t cause pain because your dentist numbs the area first. You may feel slight pressure, but not pain.

What Do Dentists Charge for a Tooth Extraction?

If you come in for an exam, our dentist will see whether you need a dental or surgical extraction, which will determine your tooth extraction cost. If you have dental insurance coverage, your plan may offer coverage for extractions.

When Would Someone Need a Surgical Extraction?

Oral surgeons remove teeth by going underneath the gum when there isn’t enough of the tooth visible for our dentist to grab it with forceps and pull it out. Our dentist refers patients to an oral surgeon when a simple tooth extraction isn’t possible.

When Is Having a Tooth Pulled the Last Option?

There are several instances listed below when having a tooth extracted is the best option, but sometimes, it’s your only choice. Our dentists do their best to save a diseased tooth, but sometimes a tooth extraction is the only viable treatment.

Will a Dentist Take Out My Excessively Damaged or Decayed Tooth?

Normally, we try to preserve a patient’s natural teeth, but most restorations require at least part of your tooth to be healthy. If there isn’t enough healthy tooth left for a restoration, we may have to remove it.

Are Baby Teeth Extractions Ever Done?

Our dentist occasionally pulls baby teeth when the tooth stubbornly refuses to give way for a child’s adult tooth. Overly retained baby teeth can cause orthodontic problems if they are not removed. Another instance when our dentist will consider pulling a baby tooth is when it is badly infected or decayed. If you are looking for a gentle dentist to pull your child’s tooth, please call us to arrange a visit.

What Happens if Periodontal Disease Loosens One of My Teeth?

Periodontitis can seriously damage the bone supporting your teeth. If you have a tooth that is loose, and it’s bothering you, call our office and ask for an appointment for an extraction.

Why Might a Dentist Suggest Having a Wisdom Tooth Pulled?

Wisdom teeth are the four third molars that appear in the very back of the jaw when a person becomes an adult. Some people never get wisdom teeth, but most do and often have issues with them. Our ancestors needed wisdom teeth because of their tough and chewy diets, but we don’t need them today. Most people don’t have a jaw large enough to allow the molars to grow in straight. If your wisdom teeth emerge crooked, our dentist will suggest pulling them to prevent them from damaging your other molars. Wisdom teeth can also be hard to keep clean if they don’t grow in straight, leading to possible decay or infections.

Does Tooth Removal Fix Overcrowding?

There are situations where tooth extractions are necessary for orthodontic treatment. Please contact us today if you need extractions to give your teeth room to become aligned.

How Do I Take Care of Myself After Having a Tooth Pulled?

A gelatin-like blood clot will fill the socket after the initial bleeding subsides. Our dentist will explain the things you can’t do for a few days, as they will remove the clot. Basically, you’ll avoid anything that creates suction, such as drinking through a straw. Eat a soft, healthy diet for a day to two and avoid getting food near the site. Some minor swelling and discomfort is normal; your dentist will tell you what to do if you experience these.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from an Extraction?

You should take it easy for 24 hours after an extraction to help heal the site. Typically, you can return to work or school the next day, but if you engage in any moderate to strenuous activity, check with your dentist before leaving our office. Tooth extraction healing times vary among individuals, but you can expect the socket to heal over in about a week. If you have a molar taken out, it will take about 10 days to heal. The more roots a tooth has, the longer the site will take to heal. Surgical extractions can take up to three weeks to fully heal.

Choosing a dentist for a tooth extraction in Fredericksburg is an important decision. Your comfort during an extraction is our priority, so please call us at (540) 765-4655 to arrange an appointment.

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