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Are you in need of an effective treatment plan for crooked, crowded or uneven teeth? If so, then you may want to look into getting braces.

This commonly pursued treatment option corrects crooked teeth by adjusting them into place or by adjusting the underlying bone. If you believe that pursuing orthodontic treatment may be the right course of action for you, you need to speak with a qualified braces dentist. If you’re looking for some basic information on orthodontic treatment, continue reading our helpful guide.

Who Do I Need to See to Get Braces?

If you believe that you are in need of braces, the first thing you need to do is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. If you don’t have a trustworthy dentist that you can go to, contact our office. Our dentists will ensure that you receive a customized treatment plan that will be completed in as little time as possible. When you come to our practice, you know that your best interests are always our priority. Our staff will be here for you every step along the way of your orthodontic treatment journey.

What Should I Know About Having Braces Put On?

The process for having your braces put on remains the same regardless of the type of treatment device that you choose to utilize. Your dentist will clean and dry your teeth before putting bonding glue onto the teeth. You might think that this bonding glue tastes funny, but you can rest assured that it is a harmless substance. After the glue is in place, your dentist or orthodontist will attach the brackets to the teeth. Finally, the dentist will install the archwires in between the brackets. He or she will ensure that the archwires are secured via the use of rubber bands.

What Kind of Braces Are There?

Figuring out which type of orthodontic treatment device you should use should be done in consultation with your dentist or orthodontist. He or she will know what the best option for your unique orthodontic needs will be. Our practice offers an array of treatment devices for you to choose from. We offer patients the option of utilizing traditional metal braces. These devices are comprised of wire and brackets. We also offer patients the option of using ceramic braces. These work in the same way as metal devices, only they are made out of materials that match the color of your teeth. Invisible braces are actually clear plastic trays that are used to push the teeth into position. Invisible systems are able to be taken out whenever a patient eats or drinks.

How Much Do Braces Cost?

If you are concerned over the costs of orthodontic treatment, please know that you are not alone. Our staff will do everything possible to provide you with a detailed estimate of what your treatment will cost. Your overall costs will be determined by your dental insurance, the location in which you live, the type of treatment you choose to pursue and the complexity of your orthodontic issues. You should check with your dental insurance provider to ensure that you are covered for orthodontic treatment. Our office also has flexible financing plans available. Speak with our team about how we can help you to afford the kind of high-quality orthodontic treatment that you deserve.

Does the Procedure for Braces Take a Long Time?

In most instances, the procedure for having braces put on does not take a long time. You can usually expect your dentist to complete the procedure in approximately one to two hours. Afterwards, you may experience some soreness in your mouth. You can take over-the-counter medications to relieve yourself of the pain. If your soreness persists for longer than a week or if it is so severe that over-the-counter options aren’t helping, give us a call. If you’re wondering about how long you will have to wear your braces, you should know that most people wear them for one to two years.

Why Should I Wear a Retainer After Braces?

When your dentist or orthodontist has completed your treatment, he or she will then take the wires and brackets off. This will most likely take an hour to do. Many orthodontic patients will need to wear a retainer after having their devices removed. This is due to the fact that tooth grinding at night can cause your teeth to shift out alignment. In order to prevent this, you should follow your dentist’s instructions. You will probably have to wear your retainer for many years following your orthodontic treatment.

Receiving braces in Virginia is as simple as calling our office and booking your consultation. Don’t put off your orthodontic treatment any longer. We’re here to help!

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